Once upon a future
Winter 2014

Ingenious tailoring and Hot Couture are key expressions in the collection "Once Upon a future".

 "Tailoring" is the first word to signify the art of making clothes. It inspires us that Portugal is one of the countries in which this tradition is more ancient. Probably fewer are those who know than those who don’t, but Tailoring is the first organized profession on record in our country and dates back to its origins in the 12th century – what pride! 

The future inspires us, the desire to discover, to explore other forms of dressing, to build and to wear. Portuguese raw materials inspire us, Portuguese dressmaking, Portuguese creativity… and Portuguese light!...

This collection tells us of a Light (Luz) and a tailor. A legacy of blood, a dream and a promise of travel... The future is an open adventure!

The garments of this collection are a puzzle: they can be purchased in modules, starting with a vest-bust to which one can add components (sleeves, length, hood,…), turning it into a dress, coat, jacket or cape; one can also match colors or literally turn the pieces inside out (they’re reversible) – "Ingenious tailoring".

We were inspired by the professional evolution of the tailoring and dressmaking: at the beginning of the 20TH century, traveling habits and industrialization led tailors and seamstresses to adapt their working tools to a nomadic and versatile context, which led to the appearing of numerous modular and transformable bust-forms. 

What if this concept was adapted, at the beginning of the 21st century, into clothing itself? Allowing to acquire one component at a time? Complete their garment gradually? And have creative freedom to customize it according to their choices? An authentic wearable "lego", vanguard, "Hot Couture"!

Here, burel – from Burel Factory – reigns as main fabric, opposed to pleated crepe georgette, in a profusion of colors and tones.  

And so, ladies and gentlemen, it is with great enthusiasm and genuine pleasure that we invite you to discover "Once upon a future", narrated by Sonia Tavares – lead singer of the band “The Gift”.  

And the rest is history!

"Once upon a time ..."

Once upon a future
Winter 2014
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